Member Protection Pledge

The Copart UK Member Protection Pledge is available on purchases of vehicles listed on www.copart.co.uk whose lot description webpage bears our Protection Pledge shield symbol.

The Pledge means that Copart UK Limited promises that for each eligible vehicle:the make, model and year of first registration in the UK are correct as listed;

        • the salvage category listed on the Copart UK website is accurate at the time of sale;
        • the displayed images accurately show the general appearance of the vehicle's exterior and interior at the time of sale;
        • there is no outstanding finance on the vehicle according to HPI;
        • valid legal ownership of the vehicle will pass to you after you pay in full;
        • if you pay Copart the full sum due for a vehicle, you are guaranteed to receive the vehicle;
        • you will be able to collect the vehicle during Copart UK's regular business hours;
        • if a vehicle is advertised as having keys and/or documents, you will receive those keys and documents;
        • the vehicle's 'Run & Drive' condition has been accurately classified according to the criteria for that programme as set out on the Copart UK website; and
        • at the time the vehicle was listed for sale, the vehicle's odometer reading was no less than the mileage recorded against the vehicle's registration number in the most recently available information from the DVLA and/or HPI.

If any of the above conditions are not met, Copart UK will refund the purchase price and all buyer's fees and applicable taxes, subject to the limitations and eligibility requirements listed in the Terms and Conditionsof the Member Protection Pledge program.

Copart UK Limited Welcome

Welcome to Copart Wolverhampton

We have hundreds of vehicles for auction every Wednesday at our Wolverhampton yard.

We always welcome our Members to come and view the vehicles before bidding and are happy to make an appointment for you.  Call 0844 249 0784 to book your pre viewing appointment.

Want to sell your vehicle via our auctions? To do so simply speak to any colleague at our Wolverhampton yard and they will be happy to help you. Alternatively you can download the attached form.

Look forward to seeing you here. My team and I are here to make sure that you have a fantastic Copart experience.
Simon Ruhe
General Manager

Lane Descriptions
Lots are assigned item numbers and lanes based on the lot type and condition. The following list shows the item number and lane assignments.
Item Numbers Conditions Lane
1 - 500 Run & Drive Lots A
501 - 600 Plant A
601 - 700 Motorcycles A
701 - 800 Boats/Jet Skis/Marine   A
801 - 900 Heavy Goods Vehicles A
901 - 1000 Recreational Vehicles A
1001 - 1100 Salvage Lots A
1101 - 2000 Salvage Lots A
2001 - 2200 Run & Drive Lots B
2201 - 3000 Salvage Lots B
3001 - 4000 Homeowners C
4001 - 5000 Sub Lots   D
5001 - 6000 Agricultural E
Careers at Copart
Careers at Copart Copart UK has more than 700 colleagues who are dedicated to providing a positive customer experience.

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